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President's Corner - Association Update

March 10, 2019

This is an update on the February 25, 2019 Annual Meeting as well as other Association matters:

· Sixteen (16) residents attended the meeting plus six (6) BOD members and Kris Miller from Cornerstone.

· Joe Gurgone, who has served on the BOD since the Association was formed did not run for reelection and is retiring from the BOD. The Association presented Joe with a plaque as a token of appreciation for his service.

· Financial report – Joe Gurgone reported the Association had a February 25, 2019 checking account balance of $117,879 and CD’s totaling $358,850 for a total cash balance of $476,729. The cash balance is less than last year because funds were used, as intended, to pay for year one of the painting project and other maintenance matters. Your Association remains in sound financial condition.

· Architectural review – Attendees were reminded that any changes to building exteriors must have BOD approval. Most projects will require a Village of Frankfort building permit and homeowners are responsible for obtaining all required permits. Project approval by the Association does not eliminate the need for a permit and a Village permit does not eliminate the required BOD approval.

· Web is up and we intend to utilize the site to provide meeting notices, periodic updates on Association events and other information. Avoiding the cost of mailings will offset costs of the site. Please check the web site frequently to stay abreast of Association matters. Resident sign in password is FoundersPlace.

· Board of Directors – Three positions were up for election this year. Incumbent Ron Schakowsky ran for reelection and was elected by acclimation since there were no other candidates. The BOD therefore has two (2) open positions. In February 2020 the four (4) positions currently held by incumbents Douglas Fitzgerald, Jack Hartmann, Doug Molski and Doug Nyhus will be up for election. Doug Nyhus informed attendees that he would not run again in 2020. He also explained that our Covenants require a minimum of three BOD members. If we are unable to fill those positions the BOD can be declared nonfunctioning and placed into receivership. If that happens a court will appoint an attorney to perform BOD functions and substantial attorney fees will be charged to Founders Place HOA members as a special assessment.

· Building Painting – In 2019 we will complete the second year of the two-year building paint project. We expect this will start in May as weather permits. The painter will provide notices with respect to scheduling painting of garage and entrance doors.

· Dogs – We know most Founders Place dog owners pick up after their dogs and walk them in appropriate areas. However, we have had complaints about dogs being allowed to use the shrubbery area adjacent to the rear of a TH. Please be considerate of your neighbors.

· Vehicle burglary – A pickup parked near a mailbox was broken into. The police caution that vehicles should always be locked, valuables should not be visible and to call the police if you see anything suspicious.

· Coyotes – There have been frequent sightings in Founders Place even during daylight hours. Please be observant and cautious when walking your dogs.

· Garbage – Please make sure your trash is secure so paper does not blow around the area. Trash must not be placed curbside until after 6:00 p.m. the night before collection and should be in approved containers. Anything unable to fit into the containers should be secured.


Doug Nyhus, President

Founders Place BOD


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