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Phase 2: Building Painting

May 6, 2019

Dear Founders Place Resident:

The Founders Place Homeowners Association will begin the second half of the building painting project in 2019. The painting will consist of power washing the wood, scraping/sanding loose paint, removal and replacement of loose or damaged caulk where wood meets brick and other previously caulked areas, caulking large splits and knot holes in wood, securing loose boards, nails and screw heads, priming raw and new wood, second coats as needed, and covering all fixtures, concrete, roof shingles, etc. Strait-Line Decorating is the painting contractor for this project. All buildings will be power washed at the onset of painting.

The project is expected to start the middle of May or the end of May depending on the weather. They will first come out with the lift and address all of the issues that are up high on the buildings and get those addressed first. The next step will be power washing. On the day of power washing, the painters request that all windows be closed to avoid water spray into the unit. In addition, any potted plants, patio furniture or other items sitting immediately adjacent to the building should be moved away from the building to avoid paint. The Association is not responsible for damage caused by not doing this. After the power washing day, you may have windows open for the remainder of the project. The water being used from each exterior unit will be used as equally among the units as possible. This does not amount to a great deal of water.

If you have replaced your garage door with one that has a factory finish that does NOT require painting, please notify Cornerstone Management.

Should you encounter an issue with the painting of your home, please call Cornerstone Management at 815-469-0055. We want the opportunity to address the issue immediately with the contractor.

Thank you,

Board of Directors


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