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Board Minutes: May 17, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm.

Present – Joe Gurgone, Jack Hartmann, Doug Molski, Doug Nyhus, Jim Quinn and Ron Schakowsky (for first half hour).

Resident Mike Johnston wanted to video the meeting. Jack Hartmann moved, seconded by Doug Molski that video not be allowed. Motion carried.

Minutes from March 15, 2018 – Joe Gurgone moved for approval, seconded by Doug Molski. Motion carried.

Treasurers Report – Joe Gurgone reported the checking account balance is $173,660 and CD’s total $454,837 including a $100,000 CD added after the March BOD meeting. Total cash $628,497.

Door Color – Jim Quinn showed paint color chips for a Frankfort Main door color. BOD agreed either of the red shades are acceptable.

Repair projects – Jim Quinn reported on various routine projects completed since the March BOD meeting.

Paint Project – Power washing and painting, starting in Doud Ct., has started and will continue with those units scheduled for 2018.

Rabbit control – Ron Schakowsky requested that the landscaper apply rabbit control products. Ron had to leave the meeting prior to completion of discussing the matter. Discussion was that any application would need to be done to the entire area not just selected units and the decision was rabbit control products not be applied.

Landscape – David Johnson, chairman of the beautification committee was present and reported on several matters:

The Village allows $325 per tree for replacement. The BOD allows the same amount and residents desiring larger trees must pay any additional cost.

David reviewed landscape replacement proposals from Trevarthan. Doug Molski moved seconded by Jack Hartmann that the proposals be approved. Motion carried.

David requested a $900 budget for plantings at front entrance. Joe Gurgone moved seconded by Jack Hartmann that the budget be approved. Motion carried.

Mulch – Trevarthan has proposed 325 yards of premium hardwood mulch at a cost of $22,100. Doug Molski moved for approval seconded by Joe Gurgone. Motion carried.

Window wells – Occasionally animals fall into uncovered window wells. The Association is not responsible for animal removal nor is the Village of Frankfort or Will County Animal control. Trevarthan, as a courtesy has removed animals several times. All residents should install window well covers to avoid animal problems.

SFH wood decks and TH screened porch concrete floors – there was discussion and confirmation that these are part of Association maintenance responsibility.

Common area electrical – Agreed Joe Gurgone will implement upgrades with Excel Electric.

Garage Sales – Confirmed that BOD policy is that residents may participate in the annual Frankfort Park District Community garage sale. No others will be approved.

Concrete drive extension – Resident at 21698 Doud Ct., at their expense, wishes to extend side of the concrete drive. If agreed by Village and neighbor BOD will likely approve.

Welcome / Social Committee – Darlene Pajauskas requested names of new residents from past year to host a welcome event. BOD agreed to provide contact information. Alica Calder suggested a social event. BOD is in favor.

Adjourned 8:35 pm. Next meeting is July 19, 2018.

Respectfully submitted, Doug Nyhus, Secretary


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