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Board Minutes March 21, 2019

Founders Place HOA

Board Minutes

March 21, 2019

Village Administrative Building 432 West Nebraska Street


RE: Meeting opened at 7:00 pm.

RE: Present - Douglas Nyhus, Doug Molski, Doug Fitzgerald Absent: Ron Schakowsky, Jack Hartmann

RE: Election of Officers

MOTION, to accept Doug Nyhus as President, Doug Molski as Treasurer, Doug Fitzgerald as Secretary, Jack Hartman remains as Vice President-Motion carries Unanimously.

RE: Minutes of January 17, 2019

MOTION, Doug Fitzgerald, seconded Doug Molski "To approve minutes as presented."

RE: Financial Report- Doug Nyhus reported a total of $484,403.21 in funds.

RE: Maintenance

Paint project will start in May, finish in October. They will begin on the very tops of the units with a lift and then finish the lower of the units. The company will put a note on the door, regarding the option of front and garage door painting.

Fountains are usually installed late April.

Landscape chair, David Johnson, spoke to the Board of Directors on the process he took in order for the committee to review three new landscape/snow proposals. Five bids were received and it was narrowed down to three. Ridge, Pride and CNC. Ridge was slightly higher than CNC; Pride was new to the business since 2017. CN C provided good references, agreed to the RFP. The recommendation is for the Board to approve CNC's contract.

MOTION, Doug Molski to approve the contract for CNC, seconded Doug Fitzgerald-Unanimous

Candice Justice noted that a Thank You was in order to Dave Johnson. He did fabulous job-researching contractors prior to the committee reviewing the proposals. It made the entire process smoother.

RE: Next Meeting

May 16, 2019

RE: Adjourn

MOTION, Doug Nyhus, seconded Doug Molski "to adjourn".-UNANIMOUS

Minutes prepared by Cornerstone Management of Frankfort, Inc.


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