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Board Minutes: March 15, 2018

​Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.

Present – Joe Gurgone, Jack Hartmann, Doug Molski, Doug Nyhus, Jim Quinn.

Absent – Ron Schakowsky

Election of 2018 officers by unanimous vote:

President – Jim Quinn

Vice President – Jack Hartmann

Treasurer – Joe Gurgone

Secretary – Doug Nyhus

Treasurers Report – Joe Gurgone reported we have total cash of $637,373.

Paint project – Scheduled to start May 1. Mailing will go out showing lot numbers in each phase.

Landscape – Dave Trevarthan was present and was requested to provide Cornerstone with a schedule of planned activity. David & Kay Johnson, Beautification committee were present and David will work with Dave Trevarthan to agree a date for spring walkthrough to identify landscape issues.

Gazebo roofing – We expect this project to commence soon.

Ponds – Rollins Aquatic will be installing the fountains shortly and they will apply algaecide to control algae as in prior years. Tallgrass will continue to maintain the native plants on the pond banks.

Muskrats have been seen in the ponds and it was agreed Cornerstone should ask the trapper to inspect the ponds and determine if trapping is appropriate.

Board Vacancy – It was agreed on a motion from Jack Hartmann seconded by Doug Molski to allow the vacancy to remain open until the next Annual Meeting.

Shutters – Jack Hartmann moved and Joe Gurgone seconded a motion to retain James Otte to replace the green shutters subject to Cornerstone confirmation that his insurance is in place.

Committees – Beautification chairman is David Johnson, Welcoming chairman is Rhonda Lebold and Pond committee co-chairman are Barbara Conneely and Janet Fitzgerald.

Web site – Information on the web site has been forwarded to Cornerstone. Doug Nyhus agreed to investigate bringing the site back up with content the BOD agrees is appropriate.

Comments by BOD president Jim Quinn

Send a letter to the Association expressing appreciation for the attendance at the Annual Meeting and reminding everyone meetings are open to all. Letter to include updates on projects such as painting.

Suggested adding a meeting over the summer and it was agreed we would set a date for July 19, 2018.

Jack Hartmann moved and Joe Gurgone seconded a motion for adjournment at 8:25pm.

Next meeting 7:00pm, May 17, 2018 at Village Hall.

Respectfully Submitted,

Douglas Nyhus, Secretary


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