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Board Minutes - January 17, 2019 Annual Meeting

RE: Meeting opened at 7:00 pm.

RE: Present — Douglas Nyhus, Joe Gurgone, Doug Molski, Doug Fitzgerald, Ron

Schakowsky, Jack Hartmann

RE: Minutes of Nov. 15, 2018

MOTION, Doug Molski, seconded Joe Gurgone "To approve minutes as


RE: Treasures report — Joe Gurgone reported a total of $458,412.48, approx.

$34,000.00 additional funds from last month. Three ( 3) certificate of deposits at

Town Center will mature. These three have the lowest rates upon maturity and

will renew with a higher rate of 2% +.

No Delinquent accounts

RE: Maintenance

Deck Tech has not been paid in full due to the fact that a single family home was

not completed. The Association is holding back $24,605.98 until completion. The

Board has agreed to continue to hold this amount.

Fountains are in storage for the winter.

Landscape chair, David Johnson asked if the Landscape Committee would be able

to take over obtaining bids for Landscaping to begin with an April 01, 2019 date.

The Committee would work with Cornerstone to be sure that bids obtained would

meet the criteria set by the Board of Directors as well as meet with each contractor.

Once this has been done, the bids would be submitted to the Board of Directors

with recommendations.

The Board of Directors agreed that this would be very helpful and all appreciated

the the offer. An April meeting should be scheduled for approval of a

landscape/snow contract for the coming year.

RE: Christmas Lights

A number of homeowners have given a positive response to the new light

decorations that were installed at the front entrance. A few comments given to

Board members outside of the meeting were that they would like to see more lights

and garland around the gazebos.

RE: 2019 Annual Meeting

Agenda, proxy and cover letter will be mailed at the end of Jan. Three positions are

open. Meeting is scheduled for Feb. 25, 2019.

RE: Garage door

Cornerstone to obtain a quart of paint for a homeowner, to be used for touch up.

RE: Snow Issues

A few complaints were received regarding the length of time it took for Trevarthan to

show up at Founders Place. The snow had stopped for many hours before Trevarthan

arrived at 3am to begin the clean up. The reason given to management was that the

forecast continued to call for more snow. The actual snow fall amount was 3.5 inches.

Many homeowners had to clean their sidewalks, entrance ways along with driveways

so they could get out and accept guests for the evening. Trevarthan did not contact the

Board member to seek approval for salting even though the conditions called for ice.

RE: Adjourned — 7:40 pm.

Motion, Doug Nyhus, seconded Doug Molski "To adjourn."

Minutes prepared by Cornerstone Management of Frankfort, Inc.


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