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Board Minutes - September 19, 2019

Founders Place HOA

Board Minutes

September 19, 2019

Village Administrative Building 432 West Nebraska Street

RE: Meeting opened at 7:00 pm.

RE: Present - Douglas Nyhus, Doug Molski, Doug Fitzgerald, Ron Schakowsky

RE: Minutes of March 21, 2019

MOTION, Doug Nyhus, seconded Doug Molski and Doug Fitzgerald "To approve minutes as presented".


RE: Financial Report - Doug Molski reported a total of $468,356.21 in funds consisting of $187,649.11 in the money market, $50,783.57 in the checking and CD's totaling $229,923.53. Doug Fitzgerald asked how that compares to recent totals and Doug Molski provided the total funds in March, 2019 were $484,403.21 and $458,024.33 in December, 2018.

RE: Maintenance - Paint project is running on schedule with an estimated completion date of on or before October 1, 2019. They are proceeding with the screened porches, one of the single family homes and also minor wood repairs.

The ponds were brought up and the possibility of adding another fountain. Owners are concerned with losing close to 8 ft due to weeds (reeds) coming up by the pond but it was confirmed that the Village does maintain that area not the landscaper.

Roof inspections will be done next week "Monday, September 23, 2019, Waldman Engineering will inspect attic spaces at 21710 Cappel Lane, 21732 Cappel Lane, 21753 Cappel Lane, 10171 Frankfort Main and 10229 Frankfort Main. Along with previous inspections of exteriors of roofs this will give them the information to produce a report with detailed specifications the Association can use to solicit roof replacement bids from qualified roofers".

Landscape chair, David Johnson, spoke in regards to the Viburnum Beetle and there is a hold on that for right now. Dave Johnson and Chad (CNC) do drive a rounds to look at the complex and follow up on issues.

Dave Johnson also mentioned the pear trees being very overgrown along Frankfort Main. He has discussed this with Chad (CNC) and Chad recommended doing a limb up from the bottom trim so that the signs can be seen. The full job of trimming those trees will cost approximately $20,000 and will be looked at possibly next year. It will not be done this year as it is not budgeted for. It was suggested to have an arborist take a look at a project of that size. The weeds are bad everywhere but particularly bad in the berm. Consistency on trimming the berms was discussed. Dave said this would be an extra expense as it is not in the contract.

Sophia Goesking and Michael Johnston both submitted applications to be on the Board of Directors.Both applicants did not attend the meeting and due to their absence, they were not appointed to the Board.

A unit owner brought up that on the north end of Frankfort Main there are about 21 circles of brown grass and pellets have been put down. Dave Johnson recommended watering the pellets so the grass would grow.

Christmas decorations will be installed by Christmas Decor (same company) as last year. The Association will receive early bird pricing of a 10% discount by approving the contract now. They will do Decorations as they did last year and also will include Garland on the Entrance Sign along with Red Bows and also the Gazebos will have lights. The Decorations will be up by Thanksgiving.

MOTION, Doug Fitzgerald and seconded by Doug Molski.


Dave Johnson also mentioned that there needs to be a Board Member in charge of snow and ice. This way they can contact CNC directly if salting is needed. Owners brought up that Chad from CNC should attend the next Board Meeting in October. The damage to lawn at 21711 Higley Lane by the painter and the hydraulic acid is going to be looked at again next spring. Board would like Chad to clear the downspouts out. First, they need to be located.

RE: Next meeting

October 17, 2019

RE: Adjourn at 8:20 pm.

MOTION, Doug Molski, seconded Doug Fitzgerald. APPROVED

Minutes prepared by Cornerstone Management of Frankfort, Inc.


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