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Approved 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes

Date – Monday, February 26, 2018

Time – 7:00 pm

Place – Frankfort Village Hall, 432 Nebraska Street

Board Members Present – Joe Gurgone, Candice Justice, Doug Molski, Doug Nyhus, Jim Quinn, Ron Schakowsky.

Board Members Absent – Jack Hartmann.

Cornerstone Management – Deanna Beemsterboer.

Residents Present – forty-nine (49)

Approval of Minutes – Minutes from the February 27, 2017 Annual Meeting were approved.

Financial report – Joe Gurgone reported the Association has $626,406 in cash including $271,913 allocated as reserves for future capital projects.

Candice Justice - Motion to liquidate $5,000 Town Center MM because of inactivity. Seconded by Doug Molski. Motion approved.

Budget – 2018 – Doug Nyhus reported the budget had been distributed following approval in November 2017.

Architectural Review – Doug Nyhus reminded attendees that the BOD must approve any project affecting exterior building appearance.

Phase I roofing consultant report – Doug Nyhus commented that an electronic copy of the report is available to any member who would like to see it.

Web Site – Candice Justice stated that the Founders Place web site was up. There was discussion and various members expressed concern that some of the information on the site was negative. Further discussion concluded there should be a review and consideration of the type of information appropriate for the site.

Gazebo roofs – Will be replaced by Davis Roofing as soon as weather permits. Three contractors bid the project.

Tree trimming – Smitty’s Tree service was selected and will focus on clearing branches away from buildings.

Building Painting – Straight Line Decorating will paint all buildings in 2018 and 2019 starting May 1. A mailing will provide details for each project phase.

Comments and discussion from the floor – There was general discussion of various matters including landscaping, salting drives, roofing and 2018 projects.

Election of four (4) BOD positions:

Incumbents Jack Hartmann, Doug Molski, Doug Nyhus and Jim Quinn plus candidates Douglas P. Fitzgerald and Dr. Ken Bussema ran for the positions. Each candidate made brief comments. Jack Hartmann was not present.

Election judges, Joe Gurgone, David Johnson and Deanna Beemsterboer, Cornerstone Management counted the votes.

Joe Gurgone reported Jack Hartmann, Doug Molski, Doug Nyhus and Jim Quinn were reelected to a two-year term. Candidates Fitzgerald and Bussema were thanked for running.

Votes cast: Quinn – 43; Nyhus – 45; Molski – 47; Hartmann – 45; Bussema – 26; Fitzgerald – 27.

Earth Day – Discussion of the annual event and agreement Founders Place volunteers would participate.

Meeting adjourned 8:35 pm.

Next Annual Meeting - Monday, February 25, 2019.

Next regular meeting - Thursday, March 15, 2018.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Quinn, Secretary


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